Mad Lillies,

Whether it’s a bubbly fruit spritzer or a soothing sleep tonic, our infused drinks offer desired effects with desirable taste.

As an entrepreneur and mom trying to balance work and life while staying active and healthy, I found that incorporating low doses of cannabis into my daily routine offered a whole new outlook on self-care and wellbeing. Cannabis is available in more formats than ever before, but I wanted something that I could feel really good about putting in my body. I wanted something that tasted great, that I could enjoy with my friends or by myself to help unwind from another hectic week of getting it all done. A beverage seemed obvious, an alternative to a glass of wine or cocktail that would leave me feeling refreshed instead of hungover. With an extensive career in the food and beverage industry, I started researching and experimenting with cannabis.

And that’s how Mad Lilly was born. All-natural ingredients, low-calories, bright flavors and just the right amount of premium cannabis to help you sleep, or socialize, or just relax and enjoy life.  

I’m thrilled to share our tasty cannabis-infused drinks with all of you!  In addition to supporting our customers with delicious beverages, we are thoughtful about who we employ, partner and work with in the industry. We support other women and minorities in cannabis, and in life, and encourage you to do the same.   

With gratitude,
CEO & Co-Founder of Mad Lilly