Backyard Cannabis Growing with my Children

When I started my career in cannabis, I was concerned with how I was going to tell my kids. This plant has been part of my life prior to their births and has been since they were born. 

The main reason I wanted to tell my children is because I do not believe in lying to kids for the sake of them being kids, and because I wanted to educate them about cannabis before the D.A.R.E. officers had a chance during Red Ribbon Week at school.

Now when I take my kids out to explore, they see billboards with the words “cannabis” and they get really excited. I always cringe, especially if we just so happen to be passing an on-looker who looks totally confused (to the person in Venice that one time, it probably wasn’t what you were thinking). 

During quarantine, the kids and I decided to plant our own vegetables to complement our fruit trees, and while I was at it, I also planted some cannabis seeds. 

My kids watched as day by day, all of the greens were growing and observed that everything was growing with sunlight and water, that’s it.

This was a teaching moment and allowed me to show them that there is nothing inherently evil about this plant. Now the people who made the laws surrounding it, totally different story, but this plant grows just like all the other foods and it's healthy too!

They learned that every single part of the plant can be used, from the roots, to the stems, and the leaves, and they learned that it can work as a medicine in so many ways! We could make a cream for their eczema, mommy could turn those plants into many different medicines that she could use.

They learned that these plants could help people with asthma, eczema, stress, and pain. They were excited to learn that it is also really great for people with cancer, epilepsy, diabetes!

They were really shocked to learn that nature makes its own medicines that it works really well with our bodies!  However, they were confused on why this plant could land someone in jail.

My kids think I’m saving the world and it feels pretty great to have been able to explain the cannabis plant to them, all of the benefits, the lies and history that surround the plant. 

I love that they understand how important this plant is to healing ourselves and the world and I love that they support my vision in helping others realize this, apply it to their life, and hopefully share their knowledge with others too!

I’m much more open about my cannabis use with my kids after a moment I had with them hit me right in the face. I was doing an IG Live and one of the kids came outside, and I hid my joint, but not the glass of wine. I was like one of these things harms the body and the other heals it. What am I doing?

Why do I feel it’s ok to drink wine and be ok that my children are aware of this fact? And why was I hiding something that was beneficial to me? 

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