But What Would My Family Think?

As a daughter of first-generation Mexican immigrants, I grew up in a very traditional old  school family. As so, there are many things that my family is very close-minded about and one  of those things is, of course, Cannabis. Growing up in high school I developed anxiety but always had an outlet by being so active in sports. 

Flash-forward to me becoming a mother, my anxiety added on with postpartum depression became a mix of feelings that at times became so unbearable. Luckily, I have a very supportive husband who was already involved in the cannabis world who introduced me to smoking a joint after nap time. It completely changed my entire life! 

Smoking a joint after putting my baby to sleep felt like a breath of fresh air and such a  zen moment for me.

I realized with time, I no longer felt anxious or a need to just burst into tears. I was feeling extremely happy to have found something that made me feel good about myself and, most importantly, a happy mama to my baby. 

But now I was faced with the reality of how this would be accepted in my world and above all, in my family. I didn’t want to be the black sheep of my family or to be seen in a negative light when my mind and body was in such a positive space. I was now an official Canna Mama and I could not hide that. 

How bad could it really be when I grew up watching my grandmother use marijuana leaves in concoctions to alleviate pain. I explained it to my parents for what it is, a natural way for me to be normal again. A way to be healthy, both mentally and emotionally, and that helped me be a better mother to my children. I had the support of my husband and I would appreciate it if they were supportive of me as well. To my surprise my dad was a Canna Dad! He also had decided to not open himself up to the fear of judgement from society and from my mom. Not only had I stood up for myself, but I had potentially opened the door for my dad to be open with my mom as well.

Flash-forward to present time as a wife and mother of three, mentally I am exactly where I want to be.

If I feel healthy and it makes me a better mother, who cares what the world thinks?! I come home, kick my shoes off, throw on some good tunes and enjoy a good joint just like any other mom doing the same with some wine. 

I choose to live openly happy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Cannabis has completely changed my life for the better and I plan to now advocate for the moms that are scared for what people might say like I once was. Living in fear and sacrificing one's mental health, is not at all a way to live. I choose to live as happy as can be and take a few puffs of a joint to sit and build some Legos with my kids. Now that's the life!