CannaMoms Should Ditch the Secret and Be Proud

It’s no secret Mamahood is a full time job, filled with challenges + hormonal highs and lows.  These days many Mamas are literally doing it all - acting as parent, teacher, doctor, chef, playmate and the list goes on.  But what about when Mama needs a break? Despite cannabis being legal in most states, many still keep their use a secret.

My question is why must Mama’s fear guilt and judgement about wanting to find pleasure in their daily lives? Endocannabinoids found in cannabis are naturally occurring in our body and by consuming it we can actually return ourselves to a state of homeostasis.  So why is the plant stigmatized while the narrative of Mommy wine culture thrives?  More than 5.3 million women have an alcohol use disorder *according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.  

When researching articles on cannabis and motherhood, it is apparent to me the war on drugs is still very much alive in the language and content found on the internet.

If you are curious, do your own research, dig deep, ask questions and trust your intuition.

I accepted the invite to participate in the #momsformary campaign to help end unfair stigmas surrounding cannabis consumption and motherhood.

My personal relationship with cannabis began many moons ago and has transformed drastically over the years and is now centered in connection rather than escapism. With regulation in the industry I can easily control my consumption down to the milligram without the fear of going too far.  I have found that microdosing cannabis allows me to disconnect with my anxiety and reconnect with myself. Once I feel connected, it is easier for me to let go and have fun.

When I picked up the book “Weed Mom” I found comfort in the information @daniellesimonebrand shares. She confirms that I’m not alone. Mama’s across the nation are consuming cannabis and often for the same exact reasons I am: To find homeostasis, joy and relaxation in challenging and happy moments. If you’re cannacurious I highly recommend giving this a read as it will help you navigate the intricate world of Cannabis culture. 

A term that I learned in the book that resonated with me is “Recredicinal- which is the middle space between recreational and medicinal use.”

Yes, cannabis helps me with my anxiety which in turn helps me be present and enjoy the moment. It is such a versatile plant - why should I have to choose one reason to consume? I use it on my skin, take as a capsule, a tincture and in tea form to help with healing, anxiety, sleep and for pleasure. 

As someone who has struggled with an alcohol use disorder, I know how important intentional use is for me.  Everything I put into my body is purposeful and I cannot risk not being there for my children 100% of the time.  Depending on our daily activities I can use a full spectrum CBD to ease anxiety while having no psychoactive effects. If we’re having a quiet day at home I may microdose THC to make daily chores a little more amusing.

Personally, I have found a low THC, high CBD blend is the perfect antidote for when I feel my tension rising.

As we roll into summer and 100+ degree weather, I am reminded that certain seasons tend to be triggering for me. Specifically: POOL SEASON! These are the days of pool parties and ice cold malt beverages. All I want to do is kick back and enjoy the sunshine without the worry of slipping up in my sobriety, leading to a hangover or worse.

When I discovered @madlilly cannabis infused spritzers I knew I had found a summer time drink I could get down with. I decided to mix up a cannabis cocktail perfect for my poolside revelry.  The 5mg beverage easily breaks down into multiple drinks and since these days microdosing is my preferred method of consumption it did just the trick.  Plus, I had extra to share!

Here’s the recipe:

1 fresh squeezed Navel Orange

2-3 oz @Madlilly Raspberry Hibiscus Spritzer

Pour over ice & stir

Garnish with Raspberry