Community Begins with Conversation

“Hey, really quick, I had a few questions…about…you know…your business.”

And just like that, word was out amongst the neighborhood, the extended family, the community, the social media followers, and the mom crew.

When we began our company, Sarah Jane, I made a conscious decision to live out of the cannabis closet, unapologetically and honestly. I truly believe that the best way to introduce cannabis is to just talk about it. I answer lots of questions about how I got into the business, why I made a career pivot at almost 40 years old, and how I use cannabis in my daily life. The more I talk about cannabis in a casual and natural way, the quicker the barriers and stigma can be erased. 

We tend to get so compartmentalized about how cannabis is used when we talk about it. Is it medical or recreational?

It’s both, and exists deeply in the middle for so many people.

The middle is the best part, it’s fun AND it’s medicine. It helps you relax AND allows you to live in the present moment. It’s a natural plant AND it can help cure diseases. It can help you sleep AND it can let you giggle with your girlfriends. It can be anything you want it to be as long as you approach it with an open mind and experiment a bit. 

I reside in the Midwest, where cookouts come with six packs (beer, not abs), play dates come with chardonnay, cocktail hour begins promptly at 5pm, and taco Tuesdays are celebrated with margs. I’ve had my fair share of rocky run-ins with alcohol and a few years ago decided to experiment on what it would feel like to wake up on a Sunday morning without a headache. Throw three kids into the mix and I knew that there was no going back. Cannabis helps me ease my stress, quiet my anxiety, and soften my sharp edges. It’s also fun, relaxing, and engaging. It allows me to be fully present as both a parent and a partner. It makes me feel good in my body and outside in nature. It even helps me to bring a level of creativity and enthusiasm to the craft table that my kids can enjoy.

I worry less about the mess (of life, of the house, of my email inbox) and check into the positivity of living in the moment.

Cannabis can help women. And my journey with cannabis has evolved and matured as I have. I hope I can help women on their own personal journey with cannabis. My entire life I’ve been dedicated to empowering and lifting women. Ironic because so many people were concerned with what I would use my Women’s Studies major to do and now here we are 20 years later. And the more we talk about our experiences with cannabis, the larger our community will grow and flourish. No judgement, no stigma, no rules except what works best for you.

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