I want to thank you for many things, but in particular, I want to thank you for allowing me to be who I am today. 

You are always encouraging me. To do my best and to always seek opportunities, to learn and to develop.

You've been by my side through the ups and downs.  And there have been many ups and many downs.

You've been patient, and you've been kind. You've been inspirational, and you've been there when I needed you the most. Thank you!

As I embark on this journey of building Careers Cannabis, a job search engine in the cannabis industry, I think about how this would not be possible without my dad’s support and love.

And so, I'm very grateful that you've always been that example for me to do my very best. Striving to make a difference, add value and living up to my full potential. 

Very early, you taught me that regardless of my skin colour, I could do whatever I put my mind to.  

And with hard work and a diligent mind, anything was possible. 

I have this courage today because you've instilled in me to be brave and do the things that might feel uncomfortable. These qualities serve me well today in the cannabis industry. 

These are the values and things I learned from my dad. These are values I want to teach my kids. Thank you for being a ripple. And allowing me to be a ripple to the generation to come. 

I love you dad.

Today we celebrate fathers, brave souls that paved the world today.  We thank you for your sacrifice, your wisdom, your knowledge and your contribution to our lives.  We salute you today.     

Writing the book Kids of Cannabis: My mom & dad work in cannabis; this is our story -  I thought a lot about my dad and a lot about the times we would share reading.

And I remember very early on, understanding what my dad did for a living and taking a lot of pride and admiration in that.  He had purpose and duty for his family.

Many of the dads in cannabis have that same duty and purpose. They bravely entered the cannabis industry when it was not popular and the stigma unavoidable.  

The book is an opportunity for dads to bond with their kids about what they do for a living. Free from shame and stigma. And to celebrate hard work, a diligent mind in achieving our full potential. 

Celebrate with your dad today and share with us your #DearDad letter 


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