From Cannagirl to Cannamom

As a new mom – 6 months going strong –consuming The Mother Plant has truly given me a deeper connection to myself during a time where my Self has transformed and I’ve truly become another version of me: a mom…now a Cannamom.

I’ve always been an advocate of the Mother Plant, and now, even more so I can say from the bottom of my heart that cannabis is more than a medicine, it’s a connection. Whether that be to people, to yourself, to an experience, or a healing journey, cannabis is all about connecting. 

As a healer and a person who deals with chronic pain, I’ve used cannabis for years as my medicine and as an escape. 

After having a baby, it is now an opportunity for much needed mental and physical breaks…often at times where it feels like there is no time. My experience as a mom is much shorter than my time I spent with the plant, but I know now more than ever what a cherished moment of relief is. 

Whether it’s tiptoeing out of the room while I pop outside or into my mama cave while the LO is sleeping, or I microdose 5-10mg 1-3 times a day for my pain, or having a Mad Lilly Lemon Dream nightcap, I’m able to give my body the relief it needs without being super high or turning into a zombie. In fact, the right dosing or combination of cbd/thc in my favorite edibles gives me a little pep in my step during the day while aiding me in relaxing at the end of the day. I’m able to stay alert and high functioning during the day and also have the benefits of keeping me relaxed and my chronic pain at bay. 

With ringing phones, a screaming baby, and Baby Shark playing on repeat in the background, mental peace is hard to find. Mama’s medicine (aka cannabis) goes a long way in the hectic, beautiful mess of a day in the life of a mom and cannapreneuer.

The time with the plant is a time we give back to our body and aid it in its necessary healing while we continue to give our full selves to our family and our work. Not only does cannabis help me with chronic pain and managing my migraines, since having a child, after 9 months of carrying a baby, let me tell you...the first dose of Mama’s medicine feels like the perfect gift to you after an inexplicable journey. 

Postpartum was so much easier to get through with the help of the Mother Plant. I’m truly grateful for this thing we call "weed" - it is nature’s medicine, safer than an aspirin, and has more benefits than superfoods. I will always advocate for the safe and responsible use of cannabis and especially for moms. From Cannagirl to Cannamom, my cannabis journey has been healing and transformative. I’ve never been more grateful for the plant, for the healing, the peace, and high-vibe energy it gives to me..something that every mama needs.

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