High As A Mother

Let me start off by introducing myself.

Hello, I’m Sefra: mother of three, owner of my own photography business, wife, and avid athlete. I’m your typical A-personality; motivated, work driven, stressed, with high expectations & goals, and I seldom ask for help... but god knows I need it. 

Like many moms during pandemic, we’ve had to step our game up to the next damn level – as teachers, counselors, coaches, nurses, cooks and the list goes on-and-on...by bedtime we are literally sore, over-stimulated, and quite frankly OVER IT!! 

We have little time for ourselves, and finding ‘me’ time is spent still working; working on our fitness, working on our hobbies, our homes, our crafts, our sanity... I honestly lost the ability to unwind, relax, breathe, and had no idea how to just BE STILL. 

I started smoking marijuana after I became a mom of three, self-diagnosing and going through the waves of postpartum.

I needed mental relief, but unfortunately I did not like the side effects of smelling like a stoner, eyes bloodshot and the local Karen’s sniffing me out... But I knew I needed the herbal dose of zen... 

My little bro works for a dispensary and introduced me to gummies, and a whole new world of learning that low doses of THC/CBD are now my jam. I found my perfect blend!! From infused social drinks, to a bedtime sleeping aid; no smell, no residue, no Karen’s! 

I get asked a lot what the first timer should know about introducing edibles. Well, first, start slow and read the label. With gummies, I recommend half a dose, never mix, and find a good time of day to partake. Like I said, I'm highly driven and consuming late after all my tasks are done feels like a nice reward at the end of a crazy whirlwind of a day! 

 I found my zen and hope you do too. 

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