Moms, Sex, and Cannabis

It’s no secret that the majority of women that become mothers go through a period in which they don’t feel sexy nor are we in the mood for sex. I was in this period for probably 2 years after having my children back to back. My sexual appetite was gone. Don’t get me wrong, I still had sex but I felt no satisfaction. There were many reasons as to why I didn’t feel horny or hungry for sex. 

  • I wasn’t happy with my relationship.
  • I wasn’t happy with how much my body changed after giving birth to two children.
  • I wasn’t happy with the major shift to life’s daily routine.
  • I wasn’t happy with my life’s choices.
  • I wasn’t happy with my current environment.
  • I wasn’t happy.

My kids brought me immense joy. They were my life. Having them was not a reason for my unhappiness, but so many other factors in life were a reason and I needed to change it all. I began to make major changes in my life to pull myself out of my unhappy status.  Honestly, one thing I desperately wanted back in life was a passionate, fulfilling sex life again. I made a choice to separate from my partner and become a single mother. 

I had stopped cannabis consumption when I found out I was pregnant. I also didn’t go back to it right away even after it was safe to do so. I began rebuilding and taking steps to be a happier person and live a happier life. I incorporated cannabis back into my routine many years later. 

This is just my story but like so many other parents - both men and women, I feel like cannabis enhances my libido.

There’s some great cannabis brands with infused products on the market that there’s no need to just go for infused sex products. However, if that’s your preference for trial, you can find some fun infused lubes by easily googling it. 

To clarify, I don’t need cannabis to make me want to have sex. Life is so much more fulfilling and filled with happiness now, so I can “get it up” easily. 🤣 What I am saying is, sometimes a little bit of cannabis usage before the grown up business can definitely make the bedroom activities a little more fun! 

Enjoying a drink of Mad Lilly products is part of my selection of enjoyment and part of my options if I’m feeling a little adventurous for the bedroom. Just like the stigmas around cannabis, let’s work towards removing stigmas around moms not wanting sex or being seen as sexy after entering motherhood. 

There’s a multitude of factors that play into reasons moms enter this phase. Let’s be more cognizant of those factors. Want to help minimize a mother’s happiness and help her get her sexy back? Maybe consider purchasing a Mad Lilly and give her some alone time with a toy. Or if in a relationship, give your partner the gift of trying something new while kids are being babysat by a family member.

Life’s too short to be unhappy or have shitty sex.

Consume responsibly, enjoy sex safely and live your best life as the badass mom warrior that we all are. 

About the Mom Writer

Sysamone Phaphon is a single mom of two. She is the current CEO and founder of the CBD Nanoemulsion brand, Khuenphu.  Sysamone also provides growth marketing consultancy in the technology, healthcare and cannabis industries through a digital marketing agency called A.V.O. Prior to pursuing the consultancy path & building her own company, she was previously the Head of Growth for cannabis manufacturer, Vertosa, where she managed PR, Marketing and brand partnerships. She is also a brand ambassador for Mothercoders, a nonprofit organization helping mothers on-ramp to careers in tech so they can thrive in a digital economy. When she’s not working, she’s playing baseball mom for her daughter’s all girls competitive travel baseball team and lacrosse mom for her son’s competitive travel team. When she has personal time for herself, she loves naps, enjoying infused products and binge watching various series on all the streaming channels. You can connect with her on her Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram